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Service Information for Digital Broadcasting System
Standard (ARIB STD-B10) Overview

This standard specifies the basic configuration of service information used in digital broadcasting, detailed data structures of this service information, and operational guidelines. Service information consists of signals that complement the transmission control signals (Program Specific Information: PSI) in MPEG-2 systems. It is provided to convey multiplexed program data to a receiver and to simplify program selection.

The forerunner to STD-B10 is STD-B2 (established May 29, 1996), which prescribed the basic configuration of service information and guidelines for using identifiers. However, to achieve a wide range of application and to integrate detailed data structures and usage guidelines with the basic configuration, a new standard was established in the form of STD-B10 (June 19, 1997). The STD-B2 standard was consequently discontinued.

The service information specified here allows for eventual applicability to all broadcast media under the preconditions of international compatibility in data structures, flexibility in accommodating various program configurations from different broadcasters, and extendibility with respect to future broadcast services.

Applicable broadcast media in the latest version of this standard (version 3.1) is given below. Note that the scope of this standard will be revised for digital broadcast media not currently included (such as digital satellite sound broadcasting) as the standards for such media are established.

1. Scope (Ver. 3.1)

(1) Digital satellite broadcasting in the 11.7-12.2 GHz frequency band

(2) Digital satellite broadcasting in the 12.2-12.75 GHz frequency band

(3) Digital terrestrial television broadcasting

(4) Digital terrestrial sound broadcasting

2. Contents

(1) Part 1: Configuration of service information in digital broadcasting and standards for using identifiers
  In addition to describing service information, this section lists, for reference purposes, transmission control signals used in digital broadcasting as described in Japanese ministerial directives and bulletins, plus tables and descriptors specified in other standards.

(2) Part 2: Data structures and definitions of basic service information
  Specifies detailed data structures of service information.

(3) Part 3: Data structures and definitions of extended service information
  Summarizes extended service information with respect to newly established program indexes.

(4) Appendix: Guidelines for using service information
  Presents various points requiring attention and transmission conditions in the actual use of service information in the form of guidelines (not a part of the standard).

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