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Receiver for Digital Terrestrial Sound Broadcast
Overview of the ARIB Standard(ARIB STD-B30)

This ARIB standard describes the desirable specifications for a receiver for digital terrestrial sound broadcast that uses a frequency in the UHF and VHF bands.

Note that the contents of this standard have been stipulated as a private standard in conformity with the report*) of the Radio Regulatory Council of the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued on December 8, 2000.


1. Contents

(1) Main section:
The main section consists of the following 18 chapters.

Chapter 1: General
Chapter 2: Composition of the Receiver
Chapter 3: Ambient Environment
Chapter 4: Receiving Antenna
Chapter 5: Tuner Unit
Chapter 6: Demodulation Unit
Chapter 7: Signal Processing and Output of Sound
Chapter 8: EPG Function
Chapter 9: Specifications for the Basic Data Decoder
Chapter 10: Specifications for the Display Unit for Data Broadcast
Chapter 11: Specifications for the High-Speed Digital Interface
Chapter 12: Specifications for the CA Module Interface
Chapter 13: Specifications for the Bidirectional Communication Function
Chapter 14: Vehicle-Mounted Receiver's IF Function for Detecting Motion
Chapter 15: Function for Modifying/Updating Software
Chapter 16: Receiver's Signal Processing Function
Chapter 17: Receiver Made Capable of Receiving Both Digital Satellite Broadcast and Digital Terrestrial Broadcast
Chapter 18: Other Functions

(2) Reference:
The reference gives an example of the classification of the receiver's functions.

2. Related Standards

Because the receiver is related in many respects to technologies common to other broadcasting media, it is necessary to refer to the following standards:

- ARIB STD-B10 "Service information for digital broadcasting system"

- ARIB STD-B24 "Data coding and transmission specifications for digital broadcast"

- ARIB STD-B25 "Conditional access system system specifications for digital broadcast"

- ARIB STD-B32 "Video coding, audio coding and multiplexing specifications for digital broadcast"

Supplement <Conceptual illustration of reception of digital terrestrial sound broadcast>

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