XGP (eXtended Global Platform)

Updated: March 2011

XGP is a new Solution of BWA

XGP (eXtended Global Platform) is an International Standard (ITU-R M.1801 ANNEX5) to realize the high performance and high efficient BWA systems by using the micro-cell and TDD technology.
Japanese government has licensed the 2.5GHz (30MHz bandwidth) to WILLCOM Inc. in December 2007, with the condition that its services to be deployed in all parts of Japan.

Features and Advantage of XGP

Estimations of throughputs

[image]Estimations of throughputs

XGP adopts OFDMA/TDMA as multiple access method and also uses TDD as duplex method for both uplink and downlink. SC-FDMA/TDD is also adopted for uplink.

The structure of TDMA slot of XGP is 625 µsec x 4 slots for both uplink and downlink, and it realizes the symmetric high throughputs.

Autonomous Distributed Control (ADC) of XGP enables in each Base Station (BS) by itself to assign frequency channels without the complicated frequency design and the subtle selection of BS location.

Micro-cell System of XGP

[image]Micro-cell System of XGP

Micro-cell system maximizes the throughput of each mobile terminal by sharing multiple BS, and also enhances the frequency use efficiency.

Cell configurations of XGP is flexible and adapts for both macro-cell (>5km) configuration and micro-cell (50m) configuration.

TDD of XGP has a good affinity to the Adaptive Array System (AAS) technology and enhances the frequency use efficiency in adjacent cells, and also to the Space-Division Multiple Access (SDMA) in one micro-cell.

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The same frequency is available
in the adjacent cell by using AAS.

[image]XGP BS with AAS

SDMA in one Micro-cell

The same frequency is also available
in same cell by using the more improved AAS.

[image]SDMA in one Micro-cell

XGP System Solutions

XGP technology realizes regional information distribution system, security and monitoring system and other system solutions as the "Last One-mile" networks.

[image]XGP System Solutions

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International Promotion and Cooperation on XGP

ARIB promotes the XGP and the related technologies collaborating with XGP Forum to the oversea countries, and also provides the educational programs through the seminars and exhibitions.

[image]ITU Telecom Asia 2008 in Thailand
ITU Telecom Asia 2008 in Thailand

[image]Japan-China ICT Forum
Japan-China ICT Forum 2008 in China

XGP Forum was established for the standardization and promotion of XGP and related technologies in April 2009.

The first commercial XGP service in Japan started in October 2009 by WILLCOM Inc.
In December 2010, Wireless City Planning Inc., a Softbank group company, succeeded to the XGP service WILLCOM split off.

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