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2020 and Beyond AdHoc

1. Scope of Work

“2020 and Beyond Ad Hoc (20B AH)” was established in September 2013 to study terrestrial mobile communications system in 2020 and beyond

Objective of 20B AH

•To study system concept, basic functions and function distribution/architecture of mobile communication system in 2020 and beyond

Task of 20B AH

•Study technologies used for system in 2020B

•Study system concept and fundamental architecture of 2020B

•Study services and applications offered by 2020B

•Cooperation and coordination with other international/domestic organization


Developed White Paper on IMT beyond 2020 based on results of internal workshop and published White Paper . “Mobile Communications Systems for 2020 and beyond” on October 8, 2014.

Presented the activity of 20B AH and view on IMT beyond 2020 in several workshops including ITU-R Working Party 5D (WP5D) workshop ”Research views on IMT beyond 2020”

Collaborate with groups studying IMT beyond 2020B.

2. Formation

2020 and Beyond AdHoc have two working groups

Name Activities
Service and System Concept WG (WG-SC)

Scope: Study services and system concept of mobile communication system (not limited to IMT) in 2020 and beyond

Task: To clarify social roles, key capabilities and key functions of 2020B, study items such as follows

- Use Case

- Requirements

- Capabilities including new Van Diagram

- Spectrum

- Traffic forecast

System Architecture & Radio Access Technology WG (WG-Tech)

Scope: Study trends of technologies to be used in 2020B, taking into account study results of WG-SC


- Study technology trends of radio access technologies and other major network technologies

- Study basic functions and function distribution/architecture of 2020B

3. Contact Point

Name Secretariat for Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee
Address Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
11th Floor, Nittochi Building
1-4-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0013 Japan
Phone Number +81-3-5510-8594
FAX Fax: +81-3-3592-1103