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1. Usage environment

(1) Recommended browser
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(2) About plug-in software
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(3) About JavaScript
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  If JavaScript settings are disabled in your browser, some problems may occur such as the function does not work properly ,screen display collapses and so on.

(4) Considerations for using software
  Please download and install various software such as plug-in software based on the user's responsibility.

2. Functions to Offer

(1) Search within the site
  There is a search window at the top of every page.
  By entering words etc. of the information you want to know in the window as keywords, you can easily search for the information published on this site.

(2) Contact us
  At the top of all pages there is a link button to contact us.
  If you would like to contact us, please use this form.

3. Information to be published

For details of pubrished information, please see the Site Map.

4. About an information security

(1) Privacy Policy
  The Association is cognizant of the importance of personal information and protect personal information. For further details, please refer to the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information.

(2) Encryption of communication
  This Site encrypts all communications using SSL (secure socket layer).

5. Others