About ARIB

Outline of Activities

1. Studies and R&D on Radio Wave Use

1 Studies on Radio Wave Use
ARIB conducts studies on demand and technology trends relating to radio wave use in the telecommunications and broadcasting fields, on radio industry trends, and on new radio wave uses for the future. ARIB also conducts studies commissioned by related organizations and studies on radio wave use in foreign countries.

2 R & D on Radio Wave Use
ARIB conducts R&D on radio systems aiming at the practical application of new radio systems in the telecommunications and broadcasting fields.

3 R & D on Advanced Wireless Communications
The Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee conducts R&D on the advancement of IMT systems (IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced), future IMT systems, broadband wireless access systems, etc. in collaboration with related organizations within and outside Japan. The committee also contributes to the international tandardization activities in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other organizations..

2. Consultation, Education on Dissemination Relative to Radio Wave Use

1 Consulting Services
In response to inquiries by radio licensees, ARIB provides consulting services on procedures concerning radio systems, such as designing radio links for fixed microwave and satellite links, estimating radio interference to and from existing radio stations, and selecting best available frequencies. Consultation on preventing radio wave propagation interference is also provided.

2 Information Services
ARIB provides information via the Internet on the effective use of radio waves, including information on changes in radio station frequencies to comply with treaties and on equipment that may contribute significantly to efficient radio wave use.

3 Promotion of the Radio Industries
ARIB carries out activities to promote radio industries, such as furthering the dissemination of new radio systems and providing encouragement to businesses using radio waves.

4 Education on Dissemination
ARIB conducts education activities on disseminating various ways to utilize radio waves by providing information on radio wave use.
The activities include presenting the "Radio Achievement Award". This award is presented every year by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Chairman of the Board of ARIB to individuals and groups who have made a significant achievement relating to effective and proper radio wave use.
Information on radio wave use is provided to members in the form of an annual publication "Radio Industry Annual", a quarterly publication "ARIB Bulletin", and a weekly newsletter "ARIB News". Also provided are monthly seminars on radio wave use and regular lectures for members and others involved in radio wave use.

3. Development of Radio System Standards

ARIB develops "ARIB Standards" to specify the basic technical requirements for radio systems in the telecommunications and broadcasting fields.

ARIB Standards include "government technical regulations" (mandatory standards) that are set to encourage effective use of frequencies and prevent interference with other spectrum users, and "private technical standards" (voluntary standards) that are defined to ensure compatibility and adequate quality of radio equipment and broadcasting equipment, as well as to offer greater convenience to interested parties including radio equipment manufacturers, telecommunication operators, broadcasting equipment manufacturers, broadcasters, and users.

To ensure fairness and transparency, standards are set by consensus at the ARIB Standard Assembly with the participation of interested parties including radio equipment manufacturers and users. Parties from within and outside Japan can participate non-discriminatorily in the assembly.

4. Liaison, Coordination, and Cooperation with Foreign Standards Development Organizations

ARIB conducts activities involving liaison, coordination, and cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and foreign standards development organizations working on radio systems in the telecommunications and broadcasting fields. ARIB also actively works on promoting the adoption of radio systems with ARIB Standards to foreign countries.