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Sites Related to Radio Waves (Domestic)

Classification Name
1.ARIB Committee Site Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee (ADWICS)
2.ARIB Related Counsil Site The Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Promotion Forum (5GMF)
ITS Info-communications Forum
XGP Forum
3.Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Radio Use Website
Information and Communications Policy Site
Telecommunications Dispute Settlement Commission (TDSC)
4.Related organizations Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP)
Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ)
Foundation for MultiMedia Communications (FMMC)
ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ)
Japan approvals institute for telecommunications equipment (JATE)
Japan Cable Television Engineering Association (JCTEA)
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
NHK Foundation
Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation (SCAT)
Telecom Engineering Center (TELEC)
The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)
Telecommunications Association (TTA)
The Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA)
Yokosuka Research Park (YRP)