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Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee ( ADWICS )

1. About ADWICS

Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee (ADWICS) was established in ARIB on April 1, 2006. Cooperating with other related international/domestic bodies, the Committee conducts technical studies on Advanced Wireless Communications Systems and contributes to their international standardization.

2. Structure of activities (As of May 20 , 2022)

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  • Steering Committee reports on the activities of sub committees, and deliberates on how to resolve operational issues and facilitate activities.
  • Through the contribution and the participation in 3GPP and oneM2M, the Sub-Committee contributes to the international standardization of IMT and M2M and the transposition to standards in Japan.
    • 3GPP-SA Support WG

    • 3GPP-RAN Support WG

    • 3GPP-CT Support WG

    • oneM2M Support WG

    • 3GPP Meeting Invitation Group

    • LTE V2X Support AH

  • The Sub-Committee conducts technical study on IMT, and promotes its international standardization through the contributions to ITU and other activities.
    • WP5D WG

    • WirelessMAN-Advanced WG

  • The Sub-Committee conducts technical studies on Broadband Wireless Access and promotes its standardization.
    • International Relations WG

    • WiMAX WG

    • XGP WG

3. Rules for ADWICS

Title Version
Rules for Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee enforced on 28 June 2022
Administrative Rules for the Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee enforced on 25 June 2019

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