Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

GUIDE to ARIB Standards and ARIB Technical Reports

1. Overview of Standards and Technical Reports(March,1,2024)

Classification Field Number of titles(*)
ARIB Standards Telecommunications 84
Broadcasting 75
ARIB Technical Reports Telecommunications 20
Broadcasting 42
General 1
Total 222

(*)Excluding withdrawn items

2. Notes

1. How to buy printed book

- A printed book of each of the most Standards and Technical Reports can be purchased at a cost.

- Purchasing a printed book of ARIB Standard

2. Notes on English Translation versions

- The indication "English Translation" in the lists shows that it was translated into English from its original Standard or Technical Report.

- The original Standard or Technical Report shall prevail if there is any discrepancy in the content, expression, etc., between the original and its translated version.

- The translated version in the list might not be the translation of the latest version of the Standard or Technical Report.

3. Notes on Copyright

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- No part of any ARIB Standard or ARIB Technical Report and its translated version can be published, translated, or reposted on other websites without prior written permission of ARIB.

4. Disclaimer

- ARIB assumes no responsibility whatsoever for how the information in this website is used.

- Please refer to Copyright , Disclaimer, Links, etc." for the details on copyright, liability, etc.

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