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Overview of ARIB Standards (BTA S-005)

1. Overview

STD Number BTA S-005
Standard Name Ancillary Data Packet and Space Formatting of Bit-serial Digital Interface for 1125/60 HDTV Systems
Enactment Date 04.1995
General Description

This standard specifies structures and multiplexing methods of supplemental data for 1125/60 HDTV bit serial interface.

Tis standard is applied to apparatuses to transmit supplemental data packets using the interface specified in BTA S-004C “Bit-serial Digital Interface for 1125/60 HDTV Systems”.


Keyword Description
Supplemental data Transmitted data, such as audio data and time code data, in video blanking intervals
packet Minimum unit of supplemental data to be transmitted
word length Bit number per word

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
C1.1 12.18.2012 Amendment in accordance with the category change of data identification numbers to indicate the type of data transmitted by supplemental data packets, the clarification of registration methods of the data identification number and the second data identification number from organizations other than SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), and the abolishment of supplemental data outside standard and the related start packets and end packets, in accordance with the amendment of ST 291 of SMPTE standard with which the common digital audio standard in 1125/60 HDTV bit serial interface specified by this standard is in compliance.
C1.0 07.29.2009 Addition of specifications regarding multiplexing supplemental data to signals of 1125/60 progressive scanning
B 03.1998 Addition of specifications corresponding to the system of effective line number of 1080
A 05.1996 Related standards (BTA S-001A, 002A, 004A, 005A, 006A) are combined to “1125/60 HDTV Studio System Standard”
1.0 04.1995 Enactment

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