Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B10)

1. Overview

Standard Name Service Information for Digital Broadcasting System
General Description

This standard specifies the basic configuration of service information used in digital broadcasting, detailed data structures of this service information, and operational guidelines. Service information consists of signals that complement the transmission control signals (Program Specific Information: PSI) in MPEG-2 systems. It is provided to convey multiplexed program data to a receiver and to simplify program selection.

The service information specified here allows for eventual applicability to all broadcast media under the preconditions of international compatibility in data structures, flexibility in accommodating various program configurations from different broadcasters, and extendibility with respect to future broadcast services.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
5.13 12.05.2019

A required descriptor for text information is added, harmonizing with the regulation of a high-speed digital interface for 4K8K which is newly standardized in ARIB STD-B63 that regulates the receiver for the advanced broadband satellite digital broadcasting.

5.12 04.12.2018

This version reflects the name change on the syntax of the HEVC video descriptor which is defined by the MPEG-2 Systems standard (ITU-T H.222.0), and updates the assignment status of the network identification and the references.

HEVC: High Efficiency Video Coding

5.11 07.27.2017

Revision of HEVC video descriptor specified by MPEG-2 Systems standard (ITU-T H.222.0) is reflected.

The allocation of network identification and the references are updated.

HEVC:High Efficiency Video Coding

5.10 03.24.2017 Information of the limited reception identification of ARIB Conditional Access System(the second generation)is added, the update of references and an error in writing correction are considered to be it.
5.9 09.29.2016 With regard to Recommendation ITU-R BT.2100-0 of HDR-TV, addition of identification of video signal transmission characteristics, and addition and revise of the Appendix.
5.8 03.25.2016

Objects controlled by transmission control signal and Service Information are clarified, and also tag value space of descriptors used in AIT is clarified.

AIT: Application Information Table

5.7 12.03.2015

Video signal transmission characteristics for High Dynamic Range Television are discriminated. The allocation of network identification is currently updated, and errors are corrected and clarified.

HDR-TV: High Dynamic Range Television

5.6 09.30.2015 The allocation of PID and tag value of descriptors is added to STD-B10 in compliance with the notification of the MIC on the advanced CATV system and the Japan Cable Television Engineering Association standard.
5.5 07.03.2015 Descriptors for advancement of area broadcasting, and such as audio component descriptors in accordance with the revision of STD-B60 are revised, and edit errors are corrected.
5.4 07.31.2014 Specifications on UHDTV broadcasting are provided in detail in compliance with the report of Information and Communications Council on technological conditions, and the technological provision (ministry ordinance and p notification) regarding UHDTV broadcasting for main and ordinary satellite services
5.3 03.18.2014 Some specifications are additionally provided in compliance with the ministry ordinance and notification regarding the segment association transmission method (V-Low multimedia broadcasting is used below) in multimedia broadcasting via terrestrial main broadcast stations using radio wave of which frequency is in the range from 99MHz to 108MHz. Specifications on resource information transmission descriptors which provide the basic information such as category, name, and code of resources and link to related information, of which a V-Low multimedia broadcasting service is comprised, are revised. Current specifications are clarified and references are updated.
5.2 07.03.2013 The table ID of an application information table used in the application control method specified in the chapter 4 of ARIB STD-B24 is provided for broadcast communication associate service based on HTML5 to discriminate aria broadcasting from terrestrial digital television broadcasting, and to share a receiver with aria broadcasting in restrictive aria and terrestrial broadcasting widely received, where an aria broadcast information descriptor is defined.
5.1 09.25.2012 This standard is amended to be in compliance with the ministry ordinance and notification in accordance with the amendment of the ministry ordinance and notification associated with the amendment of Broadcast Act, and the amendment of the notification in which the specification of access control descriptor is added. The amendment of ITU-T H.264/MPEG-4 AVC is provided.
5.0 12.06.2011

- Addition of new registration information and allocation information

- Addition of the new registration information on the identification of data coding and the identification of conditional access

- Addition of the allocation information on the identification of network

- Error correction

- Error correction of Part 2 “data broadcast identification, and identification selection information”

- Other items

- Update of references and addition in the foreword appended table

4.9 03.28.2011

Addition and amendment of specifications regarding multimedia broadcasting which does not use the band selection transmission method.

- Addition of tables on service information

-INT (IP/MAC Notification Table)

- Addition of descriptors on service information

- registration descriptor, data broadcast identification descriptor and descriptors used in INT

- Amendment of descriptors used in service information

- Component descriptor, link descriptor and so on

- Addition and update of allocation of identifiers

- Addition of identification of the streams which are not specified in ISO/IEC 13818-1

- Other items

- Amendment and addition for clarification of specifications

- Addition and update of references, and amendment and addition of the foreword appended table

4.8 04.26.2010

- Addition of specifications regarding the download method of the advanced broadband satellite digital broadcasting

- Tables of a variable length packet multiplex method

- Descriptors regarding a MPEG-4 ALS (Audio Lossless Coding) audio coding method

- Update of allocation of descriptors

- Allocation of category of stream type

- Other items

- Update of references and addition in the foreword appended table

4.7 07.29.2009

- Addition of specifications regarding the advanced satellite digital broadcasting

- Tables for a variable length packet multiplex method

- Categories of new video formats, video coding methods and audio modes

- Categories of new broadcast standards and services

- Update of allocation of identifiers

- Amendment of reference relationship for the standard in cross-sectorial media

- Identification of data coding method

- Identification of conditional access

- Identification of network

- Other items

- Update of references and amendment of the foreword appended table and so on

4.6 06.06.2008

- Update of allocation table of IP broadcasting and so on

- Update of allocation table of identification of conditional access

- Update of allocation table of identification of network

- Addition of genre indication of content descriptor

- Update of allocation tables of stream type categories in accordance with the amendment of ITU-T Recommendation H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1

- Other items

- Update of references

- Correction of errors and edit correction for clarification

4.5 09.26.2007

- One bit in 2 bits of reserved_future_use of the content usage descriptor is allocated to copy_restriction_mode ( copy restriction mode), which is used to identify the mode of copy number restriction, for discrimination between current copy control and new conditions.

- Update of Appendix N “Table N-1 allocation of network I dentification” in Part 2. This amendment includes all network identifications registered.

- Update of references in compliance with the amendment of the MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) ordinance and notification, and the ARIB standard and the technical report

4.4 03.14.2007

- Addition of allocation of “satellite delivery system descriptor” and “identifier of a system control descriptor” with the addition of specifications of the advanced narrowband CS digital broadcasting in accordance with the amendment of the notification No. 37 MIC (Ministry of International Affairs and Communications) notification in 2003.

- Update of the network name of Appendix N (information) “allocation of network identification” in Part 2

4.3 09.28.2006

- Update of Appendix N (information) “allocation of network identification” in Part 2

- Changing the name of network

- Addition of allocation of the network identification regarding cable television broadcasting

4.2 05.29.2006

- Deletion of specifications regarding “registration information reference descriptor”

- Allocation of tag value (Part 1)

- 0xE1: registration information reference descriptor

- Data structure (Part 1)

- Delivery rule of descriptors (Part 2)

- Usage of descriptors (addendum)

4.1 03.14.2006

- Allocation and addition of tag values on descriptors regarding the server type broadcasting

- Service group descriptor and registration information

- Category of service type on reference descriptor and service descriptor

- Category of hyperlink on hyperlink descriptor

- Organizing pattern of series descriptor

- Indication of jangle of information associated to server type programs on content descriptor

- Other items

- Addition and update of information on a data coding method

- Amendment on values for identification of a data coding method

- Update of references

4.0 12.14.2004

Chapter 1

- Update of all descriptors in Table 7-1 “operational standard of descriptor” specified in STD-B10, and clarification of “specifications defined by Ministry of International Affairs and Communications”, “specifications defined by standardization organizations”, “specifications and operations defined by operators” and those operational standards

Chapter 2

- Unification of technical terms as stream_type indicates stream type category, service_type indicates service type category, and description_type indicates description type category

- Update of allocation on audio component category

- Indication of references (in addendum) regarding allocation of descriptors

- Network identification → Annex N

- Conditional access identification → Annex M

- Category of emergency warning descriptor, area code → Annex D

- Category of stream type → Annex E

- “0000” for nation and area identification of local time offset descriptor without discrimination of areas

- Addition of Annex M “allocation of conditional access identification” and Annex N “allocation of network identification”

- Error correction that i of the counter for 2nd loop in “mosaic descriptor” is corrected to j

3.9 09.28.2004

- Deletion of TBD in accordance with the agreement on Amendment 3 of ITU Recommendation H.222.0 ∣ ISO/IEC 13818-1 which specifies descriptors and stream types in the transmission of video streams of H.264 ∣ MPEG-4 AVC, with MPEG-2 Systems, used in “One segment broadcasting service” for mobile or portable reception with MPEG-2 Systems

- Measure for tag value shortage: specifications of compound descriptors for extension of tag value

- Clarification and update of operational standards on descriptors

- Clarification of “copying only for one generation” regarding digital copy control information

- Update of allocation table for stream type identification

- Allocation on data coding methods

- Amendment of sub descriptors used in carousel compatible compound descriptors

- Addition of allocation on conditional access identification and network identification

3.8 02.05.2004

Addition of “descriptors (AVC video descriptor, AVC timing HRD descriptor” in the transmission of video streams of H.264 ∣ MPEG-4 AVC, which is added as a mono media coding method, with MPEG-2 Systems, and allocation of tag values

- Allocation of stream type identification for video streams of H.264 ∣ MPEG-4 AVC

- Addition of “expansion for satellite digital audio broadcasting” to jangle identification in a content descriptor

3.7 06.05.2003

- Addition of categories of modulation systems and broadcasting systems, and key information for scramble used in satellite digital audio broadcasting, in accordance with the amendment of the ministry ordinance and p notification in 01.2003

- Addition of table AIT managing ARIB -J application, carousel identification descriptor, association tag descriptor and extended association tag descriptor used in object carousels

3.6 02.06.2003 - Addition of carousel compatible compound descriptor, which is comprised of several sub descriptors, efficiently to transmit and store stream type contents for server type broadcasting, and conditional playback descriptor to transmit the information on playback control for stored contents , and so on
3.5 07.25.2002 - Usage of hierarchal band for partial reception in terrestrial digital television broadcasting, extension of extended broadcast descriptors for terrestrial digital audio broadcasting, and notification regarding digital cable television broadcasting
3.4 03.28.2002 - Addition of content usage descriptor regarding the technological conditions of the content right protection method used in such as receivers for BS digital broadcasting in compliance with the report of Information and Communications Council
3.3 01.24.2002 - Amendment regarding the ARIB Technical Report of terrestrial digital television broadcasting (ARIB TR-B14), which is the addition of PID allocation, new descriptors (extended broadcast descriptor, etc.)
3.2 11.15.2001

- Allocation of 1 bit in undefined 4bits of BIT to the flag indicating suitability for displaying operators

* replacement for 3.1

3.1 07.27.2001

- Addition of allocation on stream type identification in accordance with the Notification No. 380 in 2001

- Addition of categories on service type in data service for bookmark list

* replacement for 3.0

3.0 05.31.2001 - Allocation of standard categories on system management descriptors and addition of associated transmission descriptors, which are peculiar to terrestrial digital audio broadcasting
2.0 03.27.2001

- Addition of descriptors on data service only for store to improve functions of broad band CS digital broadcasting

- Addition of bulletin board information for the improvement of functions

1.3 06.20.2000

- Addition of descriptors in compliance with the technical report of BS digital broadcasting (TR-B15)

- Allocation of categories on standards of system management descriptors in accordance with the ministry ordinance and notification of terrestrial digital television broadcasting

1.2 05.27.1999 - 3 parts of data structures for extended information of Service Information from 2 parts
1.1 07.21.1998 - Amendment of associated standards in accordance with the ordinance and notification of BS digital broadcasting
1.0 06.19.1997 - New establishment with addition of the semantics to ARIB STD-B2 (establishment in 29 May 1996). SDT-B2 is consequently abolished.

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