Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B11)

1. Overview

Standard Name Portable Microwave Digital Transmission System for Television Program Contribution
Enactment Date 06.19.1997
General Description

This standard specifies the FPU digital transmission system of a portable microwave digital transmission equipment for television program material contribution. The objective of this system is that the program material transmission is smoothly performed.

In addition to the technical standards, this standard is the contents of the combined operation on a standard defined for it is desirable agreed matters.


Keyword Description

Field Pick-up Unit

Radio transmission for transmitting directly or via TSL to the broadcast studio video and audio materials of the broadcast program from the scene of coverage


Transmitter to Studio Link

Transmission to relay the signal from the FPU to a broadcast studio


Studio to Transmitter Link

Radio transmission transfers the broadcast program between the broadcast station studios and transmitting station


Transmitter to Transmitter Link

Radio transmission transfers the broadcast program between the transmitting station and transmitting station

HDTV High Definition Television

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.2 11.30.2005 Revised due to the revision of wireless transmission equipment rules relating to spurious
2.1 11.27.2002 Clarification for compatibility between manufacturers, and securing of compatibility between FPU and related equipment.
2.0 10.12.2000 Arrangement of parameters based on the ministerial ordinance revised, and addition of compatible provisions between manufacturers
1.0 6.19.1997 Enactment

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