Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B23)

1. Overview

Standard Name Application Execution Engine Platform for Digital Broadcasting
General Description This standard, in the digital broadcasting performed in Japan, specifies a data encoding method of application execution environment. It is composed of two parts of the mono-media encoding method and the application execution environment. The mono-media coding system, get an adjustment with BS and CS digital broadcasting system has been already in practical use in Japan, and the application execution environment gets an adjustment with the network utilization and application execution environment in Europe and United States. Add the required provisions of the domestic broadcast based on the MHP system of the European DVB and its international use policy GEM (Globally Executable MHP). This standard is basically a cross-sectoral manner applicable in all broadcast media, it has been defined as operating restrictions on broadcast media specific conditions determined from the transmission system and the service request.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.3 10.06.2022 The description of the contents and the reference documents related to ARIB STD-B5 “Data Multiplex Broadcasting System for The Conventional Television Using The Vertical Blanking Interval” have been revised.
1.2 07.29.2009

·Change of compliance standard

·Compliance standards change from GEM1.0 to GEM1.2, to match to this, change the description content and document structure.

·Add new features on the new service, which is assumed operation of advanced satellite digital broadcasting

·Expansion of the user interface features

·Add the network device use API

·Add the API of the service selection reservation

·Stipulate a security function for realizing the above

·Stipulate the priority activation method for the BML / ARIB-J common receiver

·Maintenance of standard

·Add a table showing the correspondence and compliance relationship with the GEM at the beginning of each chapter

·A Large portion of the character encoding of provisions were transferred to STD-B24. This STD-B23 is changed to refer to the STD-B24.

·Assigning specific numerical values to a constant value, such as data encoding method identifier which has been a TBD in Version 1.1

1.1 02.05.2004

·Change associated with the standard revision of the MHP(DVB Formulate) and GEM(DVB-MUG Formulate)

·By MHP 1.0.3 has been issued, it was to modify the relevant description.

·With GEM1.0.1 has been issued,

(1) Additional Functional Equivalence Table

(2) Corrected for description of the security function.

·Additional provisions such as defined mono-media video encoding system in the ARIB STD-B24

·It described adding H.264|MPEG-4 AVC encoding system as a video coding method.

·About Subtitle and data encoding of character super, it is stipulated to be a specification defined by ARIB STD-B24.

1.0 06.05.2003 Enactment

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