Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B27)

1. Overview

Standard Name Closed Caption Data Conveyed by Ancillary Data Packets for Component Bit-serial Digital Interface of 525/60 and 1125/60 Television Systems
Enactment Date 10.12.2000
General Description

In 525/60 and 1125/60 television system bit serial interface, this standard specifies the structure and multiplexing scheme of the closed-captioned data displayed on the screen in synchronism with the video by using the transmitted auxiliary data.

This standard is using of caption data format of character multiplex broadcast (analog) of analog television broadcasting, it is possible to transmit analog broadcast caption data.

Although in the standard as analog broadcast, caption data by the data broadcasting of digital television broadcasting also can be transmitted by this standard, ARIB STD-B37 has been formulated as digital subtitle transmission standard, no need to use this standard in the digital closed caption transmission.


Keyword Description
Analog Caption Caption format of teletext, which has been adopted by the analog television broadcasting
Subtitle Character of the dialogue that is displayed on the screen in synchronization with the video
Caption data Generic text information and management information of the speech to be displayed on the screen in synchronism with the video
Degital Caption Closed-caption type of data broadcasting which is adopted in digital television broadcasting

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
- 07.03.2013   In the studio facility development Group, this standard has not been used on the actual operation, and it was confirmed that there is no possibility of future use, and then abolish this standard.
1.0 10.12.2000   Enactment

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