Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B29)

1. Overview

Standard Name Transmission System for Digital Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting
Enactment Date 05.31.2001
General Description

This standard specifies the transmission system for digital terrestrial sound broadcasting using the UHF and VHF bands.

In addition, the transmission system specified in this standard has been established as a private-sector standard in accordance with the November 29, 1999 Report of the Telecommunications Technology Council of the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.


Keyword Description
Connection transmission Transmission form of ISDB-TSB signal assigned without guard band.

Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting for Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting

Broadcasting system for digital terrestrial sound broadcasting that configures the transmission band in one or three OFDM segment.

Hierarchy transmission Simultaneous transmission of OFDM segment group subjected to different transmission path coding.

Abbreviation of Digital Single Frequency Network

Network with a single frequency. Utilizing a strong OFDM features to interference of the radio waves of the adjacent broadcasting station of the same program.


Abbreviation of Digital Auxiliary Channel

Channel for measuring the transmission delay time of the main line system.


Abbreviation of Digital Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Each carrier is orthogonal to each other, multiplexing method of digital modulation for every each carrier.

OFDM segment OFDM segments with (1/14 of the TV channel bandwidth) basic bandwidth of the OFDM transmission signal obtained by adding a control signal carrier to the data carrier.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.2 11.30.2005

Revised due to the spurious provisions revision of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications No. 119 (Official Gazette extra # 179 August 9, 2005 issue)

Main part: Transmission method

Chapter 5 Frequency use conditions

5.4 Transmission spectrum mask
Change the description of Appendix 4 No. 8 (5) of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment.

5.5 Spurious emission or Permissible value of the unwanted emission intensity
Change the description of Appendix 3 No. 5 (4) of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment.

* Correspondence by the replacement version for the 2.1 edition.

2.1 07.29.2003

Main part: Transmission method

(1) Correction title of the relevant standards

(2) Clarification of transmission parameter switching index (Chapter 1 and Chapter 3)

References materials 2 AC transmission system:

(1) Clarify the AC packet structure and assignment to AC packet

(2) The allocation of use AC carrier from low segments of the frequency, from AC carrier.

2.0 03.26.2003

Main part: Transmission method

With the revision enforcement of the relevant Ordinance and Notification of MIC, correction of compliance document and clarification of cited. (Chapter 1 and Chapter 3)

Attachment Operational guidelines:

(1) Delete the description of the hierarchy strength.

(2) The guidelines for the sending out of the station identification signal at the time of examination electric wave discharge by the pseudorandom signal.(Chapter 2 and Chapter 5)

1.1 03.28.2002

Change the description of the Annexed table (industrial property rights) in foreword

Modification of the numerical formula in 3.14.1 Section

*it corresponds by replacement version to version 1.0.

1.0 05.31.2001 Enactment

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