Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B30)

1. Overview

Standard Name Receiver for Digital Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting (Desirable Specifications)
Enactment Date 05.31.2001
General Description

This standard stipulates desirable specifications of the receiver for digital terrestrial sound broadcasting which uses frequency of UHF and VHF band.

The contents of this standard are those provided as a private standard, according to the report dated on 8 December, 2000 by Radio Regulatory Council of former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.


Keyword Description

Abbreviation for Electronic Program Guide

Program guide that one can easily choose the program which he want to watch among many programs.

CA Abbreviation for Conditional Access
Scalable transmission Simultaneous transmission of OFDM segment group in which each segment is differently channel coded.
SFN Abbreviation for Single frequency Network
Network by single frequency utilizing the characteristics of OFDM which is resistant to the radio wave interference by the adjacent broadcasting stations when the same program is transmitted.
OFDM Abbreviation for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Multiplexing system that makes carrier waves orthogonal each other and digital modulates each carrier wave.
Segment OFDM segment which has the basic bandwidth (1/14 of TV channel bandwidth) of OFDM transmission signal in which control signal carrier is added to data carrier.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.4 07.03.2015 This is amended in order to clarify the output level in playing by 2 channel stereo mode when the audio mode is monaural. Also, regarding the provision on down mix for 5.1 multichannel sound, the description is so amended that the standard of receiver for digital broadcasting (ARIB STD-B21) shall be referred to.
1.3 03.14.2007

·A provision to transmit the sound of digital broadcasting from receiver to ear-phone by using Bluetooth is added as 7.3.4 in 7.3 Audio Output.

☆Replacement edition is published for ver.1.2.

1.2 07.29.2003

·Chapter 7: Audio Decoding Process and Output

Coefficients related to down mix from multichannel to 2 channel stereo are clarified.

☆Replacement edition is published for ver.1.1.

1.1 03.28.2002

·The record of Attachment Table (Industrial Property Rights) in FORWARD is changed.

☆Replacement edition is published for ver.1.0.

1.0 05.31.2001 Enactment

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