Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B33)

1. Overview

Standard Name Microwave Band Portable OFDM Digital Transmission System for Television Program Contribution
General Description

This standard specifies OFDM digital transmission system for FPU which is portable radio transmission equipment for television program contribution, and intends that television program will be contributed smoothly by the system based on this standard.

It is a precondition that when this digital transmission system is operated, analog FPU which has been already put to practical use is operated at the adjacent channel (intermingled operation by analog and digital system).

According to the report in parts about “Technical conditions on FPU/TSL by digital system in micro wave band” among the request No.110 dated on 29 November 1999 “Technical conditions on digital circuit for television program relay” in Telecommunication Technology Council of the former Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, according to “Ordinance of amending a part of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment (Ordinance of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications No.49, 2000)” which was enforced on 9 August 2000 and the report in parts about (25 June 2001) “Technical conditions on digital FPU by OFDM system”, based on the items provided in “Ordinance of amending a part of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment (Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications No.21, 2002)” which was enforced on 28 February 2002, and in addition to them, the items which are agreed that it is desirable to be provided in operations are described in this standard.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.4 04.23.2021 In the frequencies covered by this standard, the 800MHz band from 770MHz to 806MHz has shifted to the 1.2GHz / 2.3GHz band, and the expiration date of the 800MHz band FPU has passed. So, the regulation about the 800MHz band has been deleted from this standard.
1.3 01.22.2021 The description about the modulation method of TMCC carrier was revised.
1.2 03.28.2011 In order to shorten transmission delay time, the provision related to time interleave and TMCC is added. Notation of FORWARD is unified, and misprints in Table 3-4 are corrected.
1.1 11.30.2005 According to the amendment of the standard concerning the allowance of strength of spurious emission, definition of the spurious emission, etc., allowance, interim measures, method of measurement are amended and so on.
1.0 03.28.2002 Enactment

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