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Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B39)

1. Overview

Standard Name Structure of Inter-Stationary Control Data Conveyed by Ancillary Data Packets
Enactment Date 07.25.2002
General Description

This standard specifies the structure of inter-station control data conveyed by ancillary data packets in component bit serial interface for 525/60 television system, bit serial interface for 1125/60 HDTV system, etc. which are used in or out the studio of broadcasting station when digital terrestrial television broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting and wide band CS digital broadcasting are carried out.


Keyword Description
Inter-stationary control signal Signal that conveys information which is transmitted and received between broadcasting stations except video and audio, and is necessary to operate broadcasting. It has been called net-cue signal or program transmission signal, etc. before.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.3 07.27.2017

In order to implement 4K broadcasting in advanced wideband satellite digital broadcasting, Two kinds of Bit-serial Digital Interface for 4K video are added.

And by extending the structure of Inter-Station Control Data, the new video formats and new audio modes corresponding to each interface are specified .

1.2 07.03.2012 As about ten years have passed since version 1.1, the whole standard is reconsidered and is so amended to fit present status such as the name of normative references.
1.1 03.26.2003 (1) Down mix information is added to inter-stationary control data.

·Sound mode data word (total length 8bits) is divided to 3bits of upper rank and 5bits of lower rank.

·Division of sound mode is changed from 8 bits structure to 5bits structure, and allocated it to the lower bit mentioned above.

·Provision of transmission for down mix designated 3bits is added to upper rank of sound mode data word.

(2) References related to down mix designated is added.

1.0 07.25.2002 Enactment

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