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Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B4)

1. Overview

Standard Name Time Code Conveyed by Ancillary Data Packets for 1125/60 Television Systems
(BTA S-001/002/004/005/006 & ARIB STD-B4 are bound together.)
Enactment Date 08.08.1997
General Description

This standard specifies the structure and the transmission method to transmit time codes (LTC, VITC) in the1125/60 HDTV bit serial transmission.

This standard is applied to the apparatuses to transmit the time codes (LTC, VITC) in accordance with BTA S-005B “Ancillary Data Packet and Space Formatting of Bit-serial Digital Interface for 1125/60 HDTV Systems” , using the interface specified in BTA S-004B “Bit-serial Digital Interface for 1125/60 HDTV Systems”


Keyword Description
time information packet Supplemental data packet transmitting information of time code and time
time code

Information on absolute time recorded at frame unit of video signals specified in SMPTE 12M

SMPTE: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers


Time code of longitudinal recording on video tape using fixed heads

LTC: Longitudinal Time Code


Information recorded in vertical blanking intervals with video signals

VITC: Vertical Interval Time Code

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.0 03.17.1998 Included in the composite volume of the standards regarding HDTV and update of reference standard numbers
1.0 08.08.1997 Enactment

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