Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B52)

1. Overview

Standard Name Forward Link Only Messaging Transport Specification
Enactment Date 11.05.2010
General Description

This standard specifies flow message transport (hereinafter, written as FMT) of Forward Link Only system (hereinafter referred to as MediaFLO system) among terrestrial multimedia broadcasting for mobile receiver and portable terminal using radio wave of frequency less than 222MHz more than 207.5MHz(VHF-High band), and specifies emergency information message which is put away in FMT Payload part and is located between application layer and air interface layer.

Also, this standard is published as ARIB standard by reconsidering signal format for emergency information message to be transmitted using FMT which is provided in TIA-1181 standard (Forward Link Only Message Transport Specification) enacted by Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) of America, and written in English.


Keyword Description
FMT Abbreviation for Forward Link Only Messaging Transport
CPP Abbreviation for Control Protocol Packet
MAC Abbreviation for Medium Access Control
MLC Abbreviation for Multicast Logical Channel
OIS Abbreviation for Overhead Information Symbols

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.1 07.03.2012 According to the amendment of Ordinance and Notification accompanied by the amendment of Broadcasting Act, Ordinance and Notification which this standard refers to is so changed to correspond to new Ordinance and Notification, and as confirmation related to essential industrial property was presented, necessary change is done.,
1.0 11.05.2010 Enactment