Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B59)

1. Overview

Standard Name Three-dimensional Multichannel Stereophonic Sound System for Programme Production
Enactment Date 03.18.2014
General Description

This standard specifies basic parameters for the three dimensional multichannel stereophonic sound system with more than 5.1 channels stereophonic sound, sound signals used in the studio and so on.

This standard intends to produce programs and exchange programs smoothly by this system, and is applied to the sound system of UHDTV.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.0 07.06.2016 In January 2016, it was decided in Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum (present: The Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services) that in advanced wide band satellite broadcasting, 7.1ch is also carried out as the three dimensional multichannel sound system. According to this decision, besides conventional three kinds of system; 2ch, 5.1ch and 22.2ch, description of 7.1ch is added in this amendment.

Also, among arrangement of speakers described in Rec. ITU-R BS.2051 (hereinafter written as Rec. BS.2051) which is studio standard of advanced sound system in ITU-R, 4 systems above-mentioned are described in the main part of ARIB STD-B59, all arrangements of speakers except them are described in the references of ARIB STD-B59, and ARIB STD-B59 is modified so that the notation is the same as Rec. BS.2051.

1.0 03.18.2014 Enactment

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