Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B60)

1. Overview

Standard Name MMT-based Media Transport Scheme in Digital Broadcasting Systems
General Description

This standard specifies the MMT (MPEG Media Transport)-based transport scheme of video, audio and data in digital broadcasting.

MMT is the system which was standardized as ISO / IEC 23008-1 in ISO/IEC in March 2014, and it has a feature that it can be applied to media transmission in plural media channels including broadcasting and communication, etc.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.14 12.05.2019

This version adds the tables and descriptors which are required and related for the media transport method by MMT, harmonizing with the regulation of a high-speed digital interface for 4K8K which is newly standardized in ARIB STD-B63 that regulates the receiver for the advanced wide band digital satellite broadcasting.

1.13 10.11.2018

This version regulates an identification of the compression method in the media transport method, according to the provision of the data compression method for subtitles and superimposed texts in the second generation multimedia coding method in ARIB STD-B62, which is used for the advanced wide band digital satellite broadcasting.

1.12 04.12.2018

In the example of the case that a country name is represented using an alphabetic three-letter code defined in ISO 3166-1, an erratum of the case sensitivity for the Japanese three-letter code is corrected.

1.11 01.22.2018

This version clarifies the uncertainties in the provisions of "item", "sample" and "item checksum" for application transmission by MMT, and reflects the revision of the ISO / IEC standard, which is one of the compliant document.

MMT: MPEG Media Transport

1.10 07.27.2017

Revision of HEVC video descriptor specified by MPEG-2 Systems standard (ITU-T H.222.0) is reflected to the MH-HEVC video descriptor (equivalent to HEVC video descriptor) defined by this standard.

MMT:MPEG Media Transport

HEVC:High Efficiency Video Coding

1.9 03.24.2017 Information of the limited reception identification of ARIB Conditional Access System(the second generation) is added, a change of the reference with it and an error in writing correction are considered to be it.
1.8 09.29.2016 Identification of transmission properties of the video signal is revised in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R BT.2100. And the Informative References are updated.

HDR:High Dynamic Range

1.7 07.06.2016 As advanced wide band satellite digital broadcasting starts, descriptors, etc. to judge if data content service and closed caption are used or not are added. And for expansion of standard, method of assigning identifiers is put in order and clarified, state of assignment is recorded, specifications are clarified, references are updated, and misprints are corrected.

MMT: MPEG Media Transport

1.6 03.25.2016 Descriptor for application control is added, object that control information controls is clarified, name space of ARIB TTML is modified, and misprints are corrected.

TTML: Timed Text Markup Language

1.5 12.03.2015 Descriptors for conditional access system and emergency news flash are added, identification of video transmission characteristics for HDR-TV broadcasting is added. Information for transmission of logo is added, descriptor of MPU extension time stamp is clarified, and assignment range of packet ID is changed, and so on.
1.4 09.30.2015 Leap second indicator is added to descriptors, control information for application transmission system is modified, and editorial modifications are done.
1.3 07.03.2015 Asset type is added, descriptors are added and modified, and editorial modifications are done.
1.2 03.17.2015 Provisions on download of CAS program and transmission by dividing files which compose application and so on are added and modified.

CAS: Conditional Access System

1.1 12.16.2014 Provisions are clarified, misprints are corrected, and so on.
1.0 07.31.2014 Enactment

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