Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B62)

1. Overview

Standard Name Multimedia Coding Specification for Digital Broadcasting (Second Generation)
Enactment Date 07.31.2014
General Description

This standard specifies new system, including the HTML5-based multimedia coding scheme, as the second generation data coding scheme for digital broadcasting as a response to the standardization of data broadcasting systems for ultra-high definition television broadcasting.

This standard comprises two volumes. Volume 1 has three parts.

Volume 1 Part 1 specifies the reference model for data broadcasting, Part 2 specifies mono-media coding, and Part 3 defines coding of closed caption and superimpose.

Volume 2 specifies the language specification for the multimedia coding scheme.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.7 07.27.2017 In character encoding schemes defined in Part 2 of Volume 1, the use of "variant selector" and "variant sequences" is added to handle variants.

1.6 09.29.2016 Revision of Volume 1 is addition of signs for EPG that are anticipated in advanced wide band digital satellite broadcasting from signs prescribed in chapter 2.

Revision of Volume 2 is addition of stipulation that is enable to get pay/free information about present/next program services related additional expansion functions in EPG for advanced wide band digital satellite broadcasting. And addition of prescribed clarification and description about the arguments of a function for EPG.

EPG:Electronic Program Guide

1.5 07.06.2016 Amendment in Volume 1 Part 1 is that in the supposed reference model of multimedia coding, accompanying by addition of high dynamic range (HDR) technology to advanced wide band satellite digital broadcasting, dynamic range transform function for coexistence with standard dynamic range (SDR) signal is added, and transform formula of color gamut is planned to be consistent with new recommendation on transform formula of color gamut in ITU-R.

Amendment in Part 2 is that in order to clarify letter repertoire in mono-media coding, when making multimedia application and so on using letter repertoire which is provided in this standard, it is so modified not to be misunderstood.

Amendment in Volume 2 is that in the language specification for multimedia coding system, the record is set to be consistent according to the amendment of reference standard (W3C specification) about provision of local storage area.

HDR: High Dynamic Range

SDR: Standard Dynamic Range

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium

1.4 03.25.2016 Property is separated and redefined which is differently treated per transmission system, notice of event update is added, and new elements are added to application control information by XML format.
1.3 12.03.2015 Record about CAS-related API is added, and rule of naming property about extension function is added.

CAS: Conditional Access System

API: Application Programming Interface

1.2 07.03.2015 Extension function for broadcasting is added and modified, the provision on storage control for data resource is added, and misprints are corrected.
1.1 03.17.2015 In Volume 1 Part 2, Part 3, misprints are corrected, and function is added which was a lack. In Volume 2, provision on local storage function is added, some are modified according to the reconsideration of API, some are modified according to the amendment of external related standard, misprints are corrected, and so on,
1.0 07.31.2014 Enactment

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