Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B63)

1. Overview

Standard Name Receiver for Advanced Wide Band Digital Satellite Broadcasting (Desirable Specifications)
General Description

This standard specifies a desirable specification such as basic function, rating, performance, etc. of a receiver for ultra-high definition television broadcasting by the transmission system for advanced wide band satellite digital broadcasting.

This standard is the standard concerning receiver for the new broadcasting system, and comprises 13 Chapters in main part, four Annexes, three Descriptions, and seven Appendixes. Main part mainly specifies basic structure of the receiver, rating, specification, performance, receiving, signal processing and output format of video and audio and so on, two way communication function, download function and so on.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.10 10.06.2022

Following the addition of Basic Audio Profile (BAP) to the Bluetooth SIG standard, the normative reference has been added.

Bluetooth SIG: Bluetooth Special Interest Group

1.9 12.05.2019

A new high-speed digital interface available for 4K8K broadcasting is defined.

The outline is as follows:

・Add a new chapter on high-speed digital interface (Chapter 13).

・Specify the physical interface.

・Specify the protocol stack specifications.

・Specify the content format.

・Specify the content output specifications.

・Specify the specification of tuner description.

・Specify the details of content selection control.

・Update the diagrams in Chapters 2 and 4 and update the reference relationships for consistency of this document.

1.8 07.30.2019

The following revisions are implemented.

・Additon of the provisions for POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) optical distribution system using wavelength 850nm to the regulations related to the optical distribution system using wavelength 1550nm that are currently described.

・Addition of the explanation about the POF optical distribution system.

・Addition of appendix that shows examples of distribution system calculations and transmission performance evaluations.

1.7 04.12.2018

Revise the following provisions.

-Digital video/audio output accompanying HDMI 2.1 specification released.

-Number of PID/assets and scramble keys that can be processed at the same time by a receiver.

-Channel notation of East longitude 110°CS broadcasting.

HDMI:High-Definition Multimedia Interface

PID:Packet Identifier

1.6 12.09.2016 Change the reference about video coding process, as with the revision with HDR(High Dynamic Range) in Part 1(Video coding), ARIB STD-B32 norm in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R, add the wide color gamut of ITU-R BT.2020(HDTV), and reflect latest result of satellite transmission laboratory finding to link design in the reference.
1.5 03.25.2016 Desirable performance of optical transmitter and receiver is amended when distributing received IF signal (1.0~3.2GHz) from satellite broadcasting at home. Also, Appendixes are added about evaluation of transmission performance of optical transmitter and receiver and booster.
1.4 12.03.2015 The provision on decoding low layer video in scalable transmission is added, the provision on HDR processing is added, identification number is corrected in case of downloading common data to all receivers, the provision related to performance of satellite convertor is added, and the table which records intermediate frequency of digital satellite broadcasting is added as Appendix.

HDR: High Dynamic Range

1.3 09.30.2015 At a request of investigation by Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum (NexTV-F), the provision on data structure of still picture for logo data and the provision on updating and so on are added to Annex 1 “Supplement Provision for download of common data to all receivers”.
1.2 07.03.2015 Extension function for broadcasting is added and modified, the provision on storage control of data resource is added, and misprints are corrected.
1.1 03.17.2015 IF frequency band of right hand circular polarization which was TBD in version 1.0, first local frequency and RF receiving frequency range of right hand circular polarization are recorded.
1.0 12.16.2014 Enactment

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