Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-B65)

1. Overview

Standard Name Portable 120GHz Band Digital Transmission System for Ultra-High Definition Television Program Contribution
Enactment Date 03.17.2015
General Description

Portable 120GHz band digital transmission system for ultra-high definition television program contribution is a portable digital field pick-up unit (FPU) for transmitting broadcasting program material using 120GHz band (116~134GHz) which has the frequency range that can transmit information quantity (DG system: about 24Gbit/s) of ultra-high definition television (4K/8K).

This system is expected for operation as a “short-distance FPU” in case that cable laying is difficult on account of event venue, golf broadcast spot, crossing road and river, etc. Toward practical use of ultra-high definition television, developing FPU is essential for securing mobility and channel in program production, and it is required to enact standard of FPU.

This standard specifies standard concerning 120GHz band FPU provided in Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment Article 37-27-21 Paragraph 2 (4).

DG: Dual Green; the system that two plates of image sensor and display device having eight million pixels are used for G signal, and one plate is used for R signal and B signal respectively.

FPU: Field Pick-up Unit

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.0 03.17.2015 Enactment

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