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Overview of ARIB Technical Report (TR-B31)

1. Overview

TR Number ARIB TR-B31
Technical Report Name Technical Methods for File-Based Program Exchange
Enactment Date 04.26.2010
General Description

This technical report is applied to the audio signal of all full-packaged programs to be produced, transported, exchanged and played-out in digital television broadcasting. Here, the program refers to a general program or CM.

The report is applied to exchange broadcasting contents with a file-based format between broadcasting stations or between a production company to produce contents and a broadcasting station.


Keyword Description
AAF Abbreviation of Advanced Authoring Format. This is a file format to share data among contents production applications such as non-liner editing equipment.

This is a data notation method that is expressed in Basic-Encoding-Rules (specified in ISO/IEC 8825-1). It is used as the notation of Length in KLV.

At the time of Length value < 128, the Length is 1 byte and B8 = 0 and a Length value is set at from B7 to B1 (short form). At the time of Length value ≧ 128, B8 = 1 and the number of bytes to be necessary to express a Length value is set at from B7 to B1, followed by setting a Length value using the set byte length (long form.)

BodySDI This is the identifier of Essence Container. It is included in Partition Pack. When plural Essence Container exist, it is used to distinguish them.
Clip This is one or more shot(s) or scene(s) simply bundled in one body. It is the aggregate of audio and video continued timewise.
Closed GOP

Normally, in MPEG data of long GOP, a B flame generated by a P frame and an I frame data of two consecutive GOPs is produced. This is inconvenient to separate it at the time of editing.

The method to generate the B flame only from data in one GOP is called Closed GOP.

Content Package (CP) This is a unit to bundle a frame and a clip with the length of easy handling by multiplexing audio and video.

This is used to indicate the own essence and meta data which application do not recognize.

For example, the GPS position information of a camera transmitted as dark data is handled appropriately by application for archives, but it is ignored by application for broadcasting.

Descriptor This shows various attribute information such as the size of image, the number of audio channel, a frame rate, an encoding method.
Dictionary This is the list of values with defined meaning. (for example, SMPTE RP 210 is the meta data dictionary)
Descriptive Metadata (DM) This is meta data to describe the details of contents.
DM Framework Abbreviation of Descriptive Metadata Framework. This is the aggregate of Metadata Set given a certain mutual relationship in Descriptive Metadata
DM Scheme Abbreviation of Descriptive Metadata Scheme. This is the system of descriptive meta data
DM Track Abbreviation of Descriptive Metadata Track. This is a track for describing the relationship of synchronization between descriptive meta data and other Essence.
Duration This is the time duration of a certain material expressed with the integer value of the Edit Unit.
DV-DIF This is the standard to transmit consecutive video and audio by DV coding.
Edit Unit This is the integer value of the unit stored in Essence Container that can be edited.
Element This is the unit to divide an item into more finely to deal with plural sound channels separately.
Entity This is an abstract term which shows single Element, Set of Elements or further high structure.
Essence This is actual data such as video, audio, system contained in MXF.
Essence Container This is the generic name of the data of video, audio, system data with KLV coding stored in the Body of MXF.
File Package This is the logical group of structure meta data to give information about an essence in an essence container.
Framework This is the aggregate which is given the mutual relationship of description meta data of MXF.
Generic Stream This is the stream of data byte based on a certain defined format.
GOP Abbreviation of Group of Pictures. In MPEG, the aggregate consisting of one or more I frame(s) and plural P/B frames is called GOP.

Abbreviation of Index Stream Identifier (index of the essence container).

This is contained in Partition Pack. When plural Index Table exist, it is used to distinguish them.

Index Table This is a look-up table to convert a scheduled time in the timeline into a byte offset value in a file.
Instance This is a substance which is produced based on a certain class.
Item This is a unit to treat a similar element in a lump in Content Package. There are System Item, Picture Item, Sound Item, Data Item, and Compound Item.

This is the encoding method of data expressed with Key-Length-Value structure.

It is specified in SMPTE 336M. Key, Length, and Value contain identification tag, data length, and true data respectively.

Local Tag This is a tag of 2byte which is used when it is encoded as Local set of KLV
Lower-Level SourcePackage

This is a source package (File Package or Physical Package) which is not referred to by a material package.

It is used as history information (or derivation information) of Top-Level File Package.

Material Package MXF This is a package which can express the output timeline of a file.
MXF Abbreviation of Material eXchange Format. This is a video file format for broadcasting enacted in SMPTE.
Pack This is the group of KLV element defined in SMPTE 336M.
Package This is the logical group of Set of structure meta data
Package Information Document This is an XML document including information and the identifier of individual files transmitted as a delivery package.
Partition This is the logical separator of the MXF file.
Physical Package This is a package which can include a descriptor to express physical substance, such as tape. It is used as history information of the MXF file.
Picture In this technical report, it is synonymous with Video.
Program Playlist Document This is the XML document which describes a timeline to play a program comprised of plural rolls.
Property This is the Metadata Item
Random Index Pack This is a pack which is used to find the partition of MXF files, and is constructed by a byte offset between BodySID and the top of each partition.
Scene This is a minimum unit (one scene) to constitute a certain story that consists of one or more shots.
Sequence This is meta data structure to express a component allocated on a truck.
Set This is the group of KLV element defined in SMPTE336M.
Sound In this technical report, it is synonymous with Audio.
Structural Metadata This is meta data to express the structure of the MXF file.
Top-Level Source Package (Top-Level File Package) This is a file package which is directly referred to by a material package. It is the only file package type that can describe stored essence.
Track This can be conceived as one straight line having a duration from an original point on a certain temporal axis. The truck is expressed as one class having Property about the time in MXF and is used to synchronize between different Essence.
UID Abbreviation of Unique Identifier. This is the generic name of unique ID such as UL, UUID, UMID.
UL Abbreviation of Universal Label. This is the identification cord of the Key part of KLV coding specified in SMPTE 298M. It is expressed in 16 octets and, in the case of SMPTE, is transcribed in an identification code beginning 06 0E 2B 34.
Asset This is the generic name of the substance of a file constituting a delivery package.
Roll This is a unit to show the number of files when video and audio are divided into plural files due to some kind of limitation at the time to file a program.
Delivered package

This is a concept to organize a file to transmit each file constituting the program to be delivered.

It is comprised of a packing list document and plural files.

Program Exchange Meta data This is meta data relating to the data of a program and a file itself constituting the program.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.4 12.10.2013

This is to newly add "the security guidelines on a file material for broadcasting" as an Attachment.

This Attachment is intended to show guidelines on IT security when the file material for broadcasting defined in this technical report is handled in IT equipment for common use and IP network.

With the abolition of ARIB standard which this report refers to, the part referring to the abolished standard is deleted.

1.3 03.19.2013

This is to deal with the matter which the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association requests to revise.

The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association has examined actual operation about "program exchange meta data" in Chapter 6 of this technical report ver. 1.2, it becomes clear that there exists some inconvenience under the current specification.

Therefore the Association requests to revise the relating parts to the studio equipment development committee in ARIB.

The contents of the request is judged to be proper as a result of examination in program material file format examination working party of the studio equipment development committee, so that the relating parts are revised.

1.2 07.03.2012

With regard to the Path notation method in the package information document to store the index information of the delivery package, it is found that expression is vague, and two ways of interpretation is possible.

This is to revise the expression concerned and clarify the sentence.

1.1 03.28.2011

- Corrections of errors in writing in ver.1.0.

- Corrections of some points to be corrected in the part of the program exchange meta data which is specified in ver.1.0.

- Addition of the mechanism to manage the version of the program exchange meta data, the package information document, and the schema of the program playlist document.

1.0 04.26.2010 Enactment

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