Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Technical Report (TR-B40)

1. Overview

TR Number ARIB TR-B40
Technical Report Name Color Rendering Indexes and Recommended Values of White LED Illuminant for UHDTV Programme Production
Enactment Date 09.29.2016
General Description

This technical report describes guidelines about color rendering property and the recommendation of white LED lighting for program production by UHDTV camera system that is more accurate color reproductivity and infuluenced by color rendering property of white LED lighting than conventional television camera.

This technical report provides the color rendering index with a combination of general color rendering index R2 and special color rendering index R9, which is based on the result of correlation analysis about subjective evaluation using various sources of white LED light and color rendering index provided by Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE).

This report describes the recommendation of each index in total.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.0 09.29.2016 Enactment

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