Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-10)

1. Overview

STD Number RCR STD-10
Standard Name 400MHz-Band Radio Equipment for Simplified Services
Enactment Date 11.27.1987
General Description

Convenience radio station is defined in Article 4.1 No.25 of the Regulations for Enforcement of the Radio Law. This ARIB Standard specifies radio stations for

400MHz-Band convenience radio equipment specified in Article 54 of the Ordinance

Regulating Radio Equipment Regulations.

Main characteristics are as follows;

- Radio frequency band: 465.0375MHz~465.1500MHz and 468.55MHz~468.85MHz

- Channel spacing: 12.5KHz

- Number of channels: 35CH

- Antenna power(average power): ≦5W

- Modulation system: Analogue audio communication

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
4.1 11.30.2005 Revision of spurious emission in line with the revision of technical standard regarding spurious emission level, interim measures, and the revision of method of measurements.
4.0 09.26.2002 Addition of emission class and control of data transmission.
B-1 11.10.1994 Adjustment for small area-radio communication.
B 04.28.1994 Revision of secondary radiated power. Tone squelch and digital coded squelch are added. Additional frequencies are added.
A 11.22.1990 Revision in line with the introduction of automated identification equipment and the additional frequency allocation.
1.0 11.27.1987 Enactment

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