Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Standards (STD-T118)

1. Overview

STD Number ARIB STD-T118
Standard Name OFDMA/TDMA TDD for digital cordless telephone (sXGP)
General Description

This standard defines requirements for radio equipment used for OFDMA/TDMA TDD for digital cordless telephone (hereinafter referred to as “sXGP”) prescribed in Article of Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment.

Although originally described as an annex to RCR STD-28, we took the opportunity to revise the relevant part as the system was developed, and formulated the sXGP as a new independent standard.

* sXGP: shared eXtended Global Platform

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.1 10.06.2022

The rules relating to parameter values have been deleted as they are no longer suitable for use due to the changes in preconditions from version 1.2 (different frequency operation due to the addition of frequencies, etc.).

2.0 04.23.2021

Following the amendment of the Ministerial Ordinance on the sXGP method, which was promulgated and enforced on December 10, 2020, provisions related to the addition of frequencies in the use of multiple waves in the sXGP method were added.

At the same time, we also added how time-division timing synchronization should be used to avoid radio wave interference between sXGP systems installed adjacently by different users.

1.2 04.12.2019

With the spread and expansion of sXGP type private networks, there are more cases where MS move to different BS and return to the BS they belong to. In order to perform the connections stably and smoothly in such cases, a provision concerning the identification code of the master unit for network identification is added, in addition to the identification code of the slave unit. Also added is a provision on the connection refusal reason value for MS outside its home network.

At the same time, add the method to the guidelines for assigning the identification code of the parent device and the method for managing it.

1.1 07.26.2018 The identification code of the sXGP wireless equipment MS is different from that of conventional digital cordless phones. As part of the number band assigned to telecommunication carriers etc., based on telecommunication number rules, is allocated for sXGP system, efficient usage based on the rules is required. We therefore describe in the reference material as a guideline how to manage the identification code that should be noted by the applicant.
1.0 04.12.2018 Enactment

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