Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Technical Report (TR-T10)

1. Overview

TR Number ARIB TR-T10
Technical Report Name Application of Wireless Card System
General Description

This technical report describes together basic requirements for 13.56MHz-band Wireless Card System as its technical information. This report corresponds to “Wireless Card System (ARIB STD-T60)”, however, the application of ARIB STD-T60 is limited only to the installed products in line of the revision of regulations.

Besides, “Contactless IC Card System (ARIB STD-T82)” is settled instead of ARIB STD-T60.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary


This ARIB Technical Report corresponds to "WIRELESS CARD SYSTEM" ARIB Standard (ARIB STD-T60), and was withdrawn according to the withdrawal of ARIB STD-T60.

1.0 03.30.1999 Enactment

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