Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Technical Report (TR-T16)

1. Overview

TR Number ARIB TR-T16
Technical Report Name Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) System
Test Items and Conditions for Mobile Station Compatibility Confirmation
Enactment Date 09.06.2001
General Description

Test procedures for compatibility confirmation of “Mobile station of DSRC” is evaluated as a conformity confirmation of radio segment interface specified on ARIB Standard “Dedicated Short Range Communication System (ARIB STD-T75)”.

This test procedure is requested to perform on every type approval with and /or without standard options. This test procedure also specifies two test cases. One is the test with a compatibility confirmation tester, the other is the test with a network compatibility confirmation tester.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
1.4 12.12.2007 Revision in line with modification of receiver sensitivity of mobile station on ARIB STD-T75 Ver.14.
1.3 11.30.2005 Revision of the test items and specifications of spurious emission in line with the revision of technical standard regarding spurious emission level.
1.2 10.16.2003

In Ver.1.1 of this report, the test items and conditions are described based on the part of ARIB STD-T75 (which is the communication profile of ETS). In this version, the test items and conditions are revised to cover all communication profiles specified in ARIB STD-T75.

Main point of the revision are as follows;

(1) Test items and conditions are amended to cover communication profiles both ASK and QPSK. ASK is currently used for ETS.

(2) The running support system and the multi-purpose information system are added to the test items application identification of DSRC system.

1.1 11.27.2002

Revision in line with the modification of description in this report and the additional test items and conditions for securing compatibility confirmation. Main point of the revision are as follows;

(1) Revision in line with the modification of ARIB STD-T75 Ver.1.0

(2) Test parameters such as manufactures are added and the test items and conditions for multiple application identifiers are added in order to do enhanced compatibility confirmation.

(3) New specification for recovering a mobile station under test to its normal stage is settled in order to make smooth system operation.

1.0 09.06.2001 Enactment

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