Overview of Standards and Technical Reports

Overview of ARIB Technical Report (TR-B41)

1. Overview

TR Number ARIB TR-B41
Technical Report Name Measurement Methods for Resolution Characteristics of Television Camera Systems
Enactment Date 09.29.2016
General Description

This technical report concerns the measurement of the spatial resolution characteristics of a television camera system used to produce programs for ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) and high-definition television (HDTV) systems. Here, “camera system” refers to all associated components, including lenses, image sensors, and signal processing equipment. The spatial resolution characteristics of the camera system are determined by the combined characteristics of the respective components.

2. Amendment History

Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary
2.0 04.12.2018 Addition of the edge-based methods which can measure MTFs from the responses of edges in any direction.
1.0 09.29.2016 Enactment

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